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Display Jumping - Random Numbers Flash
Hi yuriy,

Thanks for getting back to me.
The setup I have is a diy build based on a recent msp430 launchpad. The scales are these:

The issue I have is every few minutes, a reading jumps to what appears to be a random number and then immediately jumps back to the real reading. This happens to all 3 of the scales.
The problem happened even when the scales were not mounted to the mill (when I was testing the build). Now they are fitted, issue still occurs if there is power to the mill or not. DRO Power supply is a USB wall plug. USB cables have been replaced with foil shielded type and the foil is grounded to the power supply -ve line. 1uF caps are fitted across each of the scale power lines at the pcb end. 3v Battery back up is fitted to power the scales when the mains powers off.

Any and all suggestions to solve the random reading jumps appreciated. Thanks.

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