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Display Jumping - Random Numbers Flash
This is a new install on My Emco Super 11 with mill.  I purchased Igaging DRO Absolute Plus scales and used the display that came with them at first, all work correctly.

I swapped the USB cables to a new Adapter for iGaging Scales and have been having issues with display jumps and random numbers flashing.  Also the display will jump .0004 than go back. This happens on all 3 scales.

I soldered a .1uf cap in the scales.  Now I see some folks use a 1uf cap, did I install the wrong size one?

I have tried a wire from ground on adapter board to lathe, no change  

Not sure what to try next, it seems from searching the forum the cap fixed these issues.  

Thanks for any help


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Display Jumping - Random Numbers Flash - by EmcoDude - 01-01-2021, 07:15 PM

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