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Original iGaging Absolute Scales
Well, we've finally done it.
We've deciphered the original iGaging Absolute scale output and turned it into a value that is an absolute value that TouchDRO can read. These are NOT the latest version of these scales, which use a BCD format, but the older (oldest) version.
The current code is only compatible with the Arduino, but the conversion over to MSP is only limited to the time that I have to work on it, and that is extremely limited. Sorry.
This code has been used successfully with TouchDRO. We are still looking at avenues in order distribute it. Everyone that bought these scales with the idea of using them with TouchDRO should be aware that the problem has been solved, though. The output from the scales IS absolute, though. If you lose power, TouchDRO will display the exact same value that was displayed prior to losing power. And there is no screen timeout, if you don't want it.

Based on Yuriy's suggestion, I pulled the attached file because it did not include a licensing statement. Once this project is a little more finalized, the code will once again be freely available.

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