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W-axis angular function suggestions
I'm adding a rotary encoder to my rotary table, and have a couple of suggestions to improve functionality in the app.

More places after the decimal for the angular display would be great to allow for higher-resolution encoders. At least 4, like all the other axis readouts. Degrees/minutes/seconds would be cool, too, if that's possible to implement.

I searched and found Yuriy mention gear cutting functionality would be incorporated in later versions, but just a general dividing function similar to the hole pattern function would be awesome. Just enter the number of holes, and the starting and ending angles. Having the encoder completely obviates messing with dividing plates and the associated math to find the right disc with the right number of holes, counting turns/extra holes, sector arms, etc..

Apologies if this is all already in the works... Just wanted to get ideas written down while they were still fresh in my head.
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W-axis angular function suggestions - by MidniteMachinist - 07-22-2020, 01:56 PM

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