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Mill tool offsets in tool library?
I'm trying to figure out how to use the tool library for my mill, and am just... Stumped. I don't know if I'm using it correctly, or what.

So, I enter my first tool, which is my edge finder. Flute diameter is 0.200". Tooth/flute count is 0. Z offset I leave blank, because this tool doesn't find a Z height.

Next tool: 5/16" end mill. Flute diameter 0.3125". Tooth count, 4. Z offset I put 1", though that's kinda arbitrary as I just hold my end mill directly in R8 Collets, so I don't have repeatable Z.

I select the edge finder, and use it. I set tool position as "Front right", as that's where 5he tool is in relation to the work. Find X edge, zero the readout. The readout now reads - 0.1000". Find Y edge, zero, readout now displays 0.1000".

So far, this seems to me as it should be. I know that I can crank the table until X and Y read zero, and my spindle center is directly over the corner of my part. Cool. I just leave it at X-0.1000, Y0. 1000.

So now, I want to use my end mill. Swap that in, and tap on the tool in the app. Front right offset, same as the edge finder. The readouts now display X-0.1563,Y0.1563.

And this is where it all falls apart for me. Unless I'm misinterpreting something with how the tool library works in a mill... Shouldn't the readout display X0.0563, Y-0.0563? The display it gives me makes no sense. I haven't moved the table, so I'm still 0.100" away from the corner of my work in X and Y. The radius of the cutter is 0.0563 larger than the radius of the edge finder. So, the cutter protrudes 0.0563 past my zero point.

Am I missing something here?
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