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chip load function not available. Nag Removal
I would respectfully suggest that for many users who do not have a tach input, this toast message is a major nuisance and even though it "disappears in a few seconds" when you consider that the desired interaction is to click in the axis to load the per-axis dialog, tap on the readout to either edit the number or zero it, and hit ok, this couple of unnecessary seconds will make the interaction 5x longer than it need be.

I would absolutely love the ability to turn off this notification, as I see it every single time and I do not have a spindle encoder, so it is a major nusiance.

If we had a per-axis zero option on the front GUI, like many other DROs I have used, this would be mostly a moot point, additionally

Thanks and I appreciate what you have made, Paul

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RE: chip load function not available. Nag Removal - by pauls - 01-23-2021, 09:43 PM

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