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High accuracy applications?
I am planning the rebuild of my Schaublin 135 lathe.  I am not happy with my current dro installation and would like to use something more flexible.

I want to try anyway, to move the cross slide and compound scales inside (with very small magnetic scales) and add an angular encoder to the compound with a conventional protected scale for the long axes. I don't know if I can keep the internally mounted scales clean enough but it seems worth a try as the extrenal mounting options are not ideal.

This project is far from cheap (the rebuild alone will cost at least 4k Euro for grinding etc and hundreds of hours of labor never mind the machine purchase or the climate controlled workshop I have built for it) so if I need to go with Heidenhain I will but TouchDRO is an appealing option if it will do the job as it should be far more flexible and obviously less expensive.

The question is, given the same quality of scales (up to micron resolution anyway) should I expect any actual difference in accuracy with a commercial counter/display?

This is a cool project and if not this application I am sure I will end up using it on one of my machines. 



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