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Finding suitable Bluetooth modules for Android v4.1.1
Some time ago I put together a TouchDRO system with AccuRemote scales, TI Launchpad MCU, and a serial Bluetooth module from somewhere!?

This system worked great with my Android tablet running V4.1.1 (kernal 3.0.32-130328).  The problem is that I only purchased one Bluetooth module. I now want to add several more systems to the mix for other machines, and the new Bluetooth modules I bought don't seem to be compatible with Android v4.1.1.  The module that works is marked JY-MCU... the modules that don't work do not have any model number on them, but they won't pair with my tablet.

Does anyone know where I can get modules that are compatible with Android v4.1.1?  I would also like to be able to change the name on the modules from HC-06 (or whatever) to reflect the name of the machine that the module is connected to so that I will know which one to pair to when several are available... to have 3 or 4 modules each named HC-06 would be confusing. Thanks Guys.

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Finding suitable Bluetooth modules for Android v4.1.1 - by EngineeringGuy - 07-16-2019, 03:19 PM

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