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Feed Rate calculator addition
(09-21-2016, 02:40 AM)Eskimo2k Wrote:
(09-20-2016, 07:29 PM)Yuriy Wrote:
(09-20-2016, 06:56 PM)Eskimo2k Wrote: Hey Yuriy,

How about adding a feed rate calculator to the app, along with a small table of material speeds?
It's not really a big deal to go to a website to calculate machine RPM and feed rates (or even dig it out of one of my old machinist handbooks), but it'd be a lot handier in the app.

Feed rate is displayed in the axis details windows for each axis.
If the tachometer is enabled axis details screen will display chip load as well. Even if it's not connected you can type the RPM using "Preset Position" for the tachometer and as you move the table the app will show chip load, etc.

I have a "company policy" of not having any machining tables in the app though. Believe or it not, some values are very "subjective and personal", depend on current material, machine rigidity etc. I don't want to start holy wars in the app... Smile


It's the calculator I was asking for, not the actual feed rate. The displayed feed rate is quite accurate and I find it very useful!

The simple RPM calculation is not in question, ever: RPM = (12 * [surface speed (ft/min)])/(Pi * diameter[in]) where diameter is tool diameter or work piece diameter, depending on if you are milling or turning. I was just asking for the calculator to be built into the app. I give the app the material's surface speed and a diameter, and it spits out a max RPM for me.

The surface speed for each material (and associated tables) can be left out, everyone can fill that in to suit themselves. Everything else is pure math.
Desired Feed Rate can be left out, although I usually do the calc to ensure I don't exceed a maximum.

And, believe it or not, none of my Machinist's Handbooks (none printed later than 1960 (!)) agree on surface speeds, either!   Smile

Thanks for the prompt response!

Got it. Yah, that I can do. I'm shifting some things around on the main screen (all of the functions that add things to the workspace will be behind a "Plus" button), so there will be some space to add a calculator button.

Thank you

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