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Need Help Connecting Quad Adapter
Hi I'm new to this forum,

I've inherited glass scales and TouchDRO Quadrature Adapter Board from my brother. The Quad board is completely assembled (new in packaging) and he got it from Yuriy some two or three years ago.
 (see attached picture)

The scales have the following pinout :

1 Red:     + (+5V) 
2 Yellow:  A (+4.2V)
3 White:   B (+4.2V)
4 Green:   Z (+0.4V)
5 Black:    -  (+0.0V)
6 Blue:    SHIELD (GND)

(see attachment)

I am uncertain how to connect to the board. As you can see the scales have A B Z  but not A B  (sorry I cannot overline, only underline with this editor on this forum) 

So I'm puzzled as to what to do.

Help is greatly appreciated!
Thanks! Rob

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Need Help Connecting Quad Adapter - by RobTowns - 12-14-2018, 03:57 PM

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