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Help With Choosing Magnetic Scales
Hey guys,  

I have a Launchpad more or less up and running with cheapo Shahe scales, but for various reasons I feel like upgrading to magnetic scales.

As I live in China, I can get some slightly cheaper than overseas, but I have run into an issue when choosing between two specific models.They are both from SPM. One is MR50 and the other is called MR500. Now, I need to know if the signals will work for the quadrature controller but I can't dust up any data sheets...:-(
Yuriy says this in one of the articles:
"Refer to your specific scale's manual to ensure that it outputs either single-ended or differential quadrature signal."

One seller of these scales told me (through Google Translate) that the cheaper MR50 has a TTL signal and "single wave" whereas the more expensive MR500 has RS422 and "double wave".

I wonder if both of them will work? My gut feeling is yes, but would like to have a bit more certainty.

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