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Issues reading scales (Calipers)
I purchased and have assembled the mixed scale kit.
The unit is working fine except for the reading of the data from the different calipers that I am trying to use, which exhibit varying amounts of success.
The "Chinese calipers", 3 of, with the dual 24 pulse clocks, work correctly only over certain sections of the caliper
movement. The section not working correctly, jumps to very a large 4 digit number, which is not stable.
Sometimes it jumps back to the correct number momentarily??   I have filtered for EMI, used screened cables to no avail. The data from the caliper, even when disconnected, seems to be unstable (not constant) although the caliper display reads correctly and is stable.
The second set of calipers, 2 of, are those with the clock consisting of six blocks of four pulses. The digits are read and displayed correctly but the sign (negative) is not displayed.
Bit 21, however toggles correctly in the data from the caliper?
Any help will be highly appreciated.

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