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Well, after looking at everything and doing some research I ordered a board for quadrature scales.  I already have the Shumatec dro(350) on my lathe, but I find Yuriy's TouchDro to be quite fascinating and the Shumatec is very old technology.  I already have a tablet (Nextbook).  I bought it for my wife and loaded the Kindle app  on it so she could read her romance novels.  The app didn't work for her, so I bought her a Kindle and now I have the Nextbook.  The TouchDro app seems to work very well on it (as far as I can tell with no scales attached).

 At this time I do have a question to anyone who would like to answer.  What is the size of your enclosure and where did you purchase it?  I realize  that the sizes will be dependent on what board you have purchased, but that will give me something to base my decision on.


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