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TouchDRO Build for my Millrite Milling Machine
On to the X

This was the easiest of the three and I didn't have to drill any holes in the machine.  Because the table and the saddle are machined and square my go to (possibly overused) set screw method wasn't required.  At each end an aluminum plate traps and holds the swarf guard with the help of a t-slot nut.  The nut was made out of aluminum and the plate has a tapped hole to accept the screw that holds mounts the scale.  Note there's a little piece of scrap below the guard to keep everything parallel and ensure a confident hold.


The scale body is held is located with another piece of the 2" aluminum angle and utilizes an existing set screw hole in the saddle.  It was originally for a stop block, which was removed and stored with all of the other pieces that came off the machine while restoring.  Most all of brackets have slots in them so I could to fine adjustment when final mounting and calibrating.  You don't want any unnecessary pressure on the scales.


The bit I was most proud of was the cable management for the X.  Hopefully you can see that it slips under the saddle, down the knee and out the left side by the knee screw.  Yuriy's box is mounted on backside of an electrical box mounted on the left side of the machine.  


The Y was the most difficult.  Y didn't I didn't do this one first?  Ok dumb joke number two...

I started with the mount closest to the operator.  Because the casting is drafted in two directions and full of grind marks I didn't have a square and confident surface to mount or register to.  And since I refused to grind and scrape a flat this is what I came up with...  Start with a flat surface that isn't square but flat.  This bracket is attached with one tapped hole in the center.  Its inset to not interfere with the next component. 


The next piece of the assembly is another piece of aluminum with two tapped holes in the center.  This provides a wider flat surface.  Again not square but at least a consistent surface register off of.  


Attached to this is the leveling plate with four adjustments, one on each corner.  With this I could dial in all three axis related to this end of the scale.  Note the tapped hole in the center which will be used to mount the scale with its supplied brackets.  I ran out of set screws and used socket head caps instead.  I mean to replace them but know I won't...


Machine side mount is the exact same component as the last one installed earlier in this post (second image below).  Four set screws, two mounting screw (required tapped holes in the knee) and one tapped hole to mount the scale with supplied bracket.  


The scale box was mounted to an arm attached to the Y axis screw (half nut, not sure).  Again my go to... four set screws for fine adjustment and with one mounting screw in the center.  A hole had to be drilled and tapped in the half nut.  The other end utilized a supplied bracket from the scale kit.  


And a quick look at it all together. 


And last a couple more notable details.

This is about how much had to be cut off this 12" scale. 


With and without swarf shield.  The shield drops into place from above.  I wan't able to trap it in place like I did on the X without complicating adjustment.  Luckily there were some gaps and flat surfaces to sneak it in and rest on.  It works for now, and likely forever, in its current state.  


Wire routing slips under the knee and behind the screw.  Yes, I ran the machine through it's limits and no snags or pinches.  Good to go.


And here she sits.  Looks like we were calibrating... 


I hope this makes sense.  Hit me up with questions, hopefully I still receive email alerts with replies do I can get back and contribute.  If not, apologies in advance if I don't see it right away, I'll try and check.

And thank you again to Yuriy for the amazing board, software and spot on the net to share ideas.

Thank you for stopping by, 

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