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Tachometer Issues on iGaging Launchpad Build (a FW bug?)
(01-01-2018, 08:16 PM)Briney Eye Wrote: I went with an infrared "proximity" sensor for the tach.  It was a lot easier to stick pieces of reflective tape on my spindle than deal with magnets.  It required a little careful tweaking, but has been working great for months now.

There is more than one type, and I actually have an assortment that I intend to try out one of these days to compare ease/difficulty of installation and adjustment, but the first one I tried works so well that I lack a strong incentive.

I used one of these that you can get from Amazon 10 for $10:

I made a video of my TouchDRO installation (tach is about 13 minutes in):

Thanks for this. Quick question, which board and FW are you on? And did you try the hall effect sensors before going with infrared? I can probably get the infrared sensors locally (I am based in China) but I did buy three hall effect sensors already, so would like to get them to work;-). Also, they infrared sensors are quite a bit larger and I don't have a whole lot of space on the mini lathe.
I feel like the hall effect sensors are working. The readout is stable and linear, but the value is just way too low.

[EDIT] just saw your video - I had seen some of your others earlier on, too. Well done and what beautiful shop and machines you have:-)

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