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Shahe/iGaging Accuremote/DigiMag physical dimensions
Hi all,

I plan DRO conversions for my lathe and mill, and intend to use the iGaging AccuRemote (=Absolute) scales and TouchDro. Space is an issue, especially on my mill, so I'd like to check whether they fit before I buy.

I scanned the net up and down, but could not find any detailled drawings/spec sheets containing all the physical measurements of those scales, especially the scale's thickness and the read head dimensions.

The Shahe homepage has some infos, I found some sketches of the mounting brackets:

but this is far from complete.

Can anyone help me out with a link to where I can find the missing specs?

Thanks, Armin.

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Shahe/iGaging Accuremote/DigiMag physical dimensions - by nimral - 10-26-2017, 08:16 AM

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