Poll: A way to use both quadrature & mixed scales?
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A way to use both quadrature & mixed scales
I know somewhere this probably already has been suggested. However I'd like to make this feature request. A very good reason for it:
For example I have Jenix X & Y axes glass scales (very accurate I might add!) for my mill. But this type of scale is too big and fat to work on the Z axis you need something fairly thin.
Same with the lathe (even more so): I have a Jenix Z axis scale; but for the X axis (cross slide) the Jenix are wayyyy too fat and thick  --you definitely want something very thin as in a digital caliper reader head and scale. if you use fat glass scales on the cross slide, you give up a noticeable space that the tailstock needs if you are working on small parts (remember it's not just the thick scale but it's associated mounting brackets and the big readerhead too - maybe 2-1/4" of total space lost). I know you can have the scale protrude out the back of the lathe but this: 1) interferes with the taper attachment 2) always looks like a hack job (or perhaps a Rube Goldberg thing) Dodgy every time I've seen a build thread   dealing with it.

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