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question about the board
(09-02-2017, 11:39 AM)Maarten Wrote: i received mine board it is working perfectly.
but mine question is on the board there is a place Tach with 4 solder holes .
i can't find on the website which hole is which to connect mine IR transmitter the VCC , GND , DO and the AO. Who can help me.



No expert myself but I think if you look at the DIY instructions it shows the pin-outs for the header where you land your tach signal.

If you scroll down about 2/3 of the way there is a graphic that shows all of the pins and jumpers.  Again, I'm no expert (have two boards I can't get to work) but I don't think you can directly attach the IR transmitter here.  You need a circuit to condition the input because the board is only expecting a pulse (or multiple) per rev.  Yuriy tried to explain to me but gave up.  I found some robot obstacle avoidance circuits at Amazon, you can wire the IR transmitter/reciever to this board and then take the output of this board and connect it to the TouchDRO board.  In my case I desoldered the emitter and receiver from the Amazon board and connected the IR transmitter wiring in their place.  User Briney Eye, on this site also shows how he wired up a tach on his lathe using a similar board.

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