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I have an android on which the dro program has been successfully loaded and used with the receiver which has 'bin 1.33 and Rev: 1.1' on the board.  It has been used successfully and worked well before I shut the system down as I was away from home for work for about 2 months.  Now I'm back, the system does not appear to function.  The app boots and loads, but cannot connect to the receiver, recognizing the Bluetooth connection, but at first attempt, trying to load for about 20/30 seconds, then dropping out, and upon subsequent connect attempts, dropping out almost immediately.  The board has a solid green led lit, a flashing yellow (about once per second, and a rapid flashing blue led - about 3/4 per second.  These flashes do not change when the app is trying to connect.  The Bluetooth identifier is HC-05, with the numbers 20:16:08:23:13:93 underneath.

I have reloaded the app, and tried starting the system with the app live and off, and the receiver powered up and down, all configurations.  The android and the receiver are close (within 3 feet), but nothing seems to help.

As the system worked fine and have been powered off for a couple of months, what could be the problem.

Help anyone?

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