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Board Behavoir
I am on my second attempt (heading to a third and final).  I bought the solder yourself board.  Hit the first one with a drill while connecting the enclosure to the mill.  Second board I installed my own USB breakouts (from China) and one of the breakouts promptly broke.  Desoldered to add a new one and I got the pad to hot and it came off too.  Gonna try one more time.

My question is on both boards I can get one scale at a time to work.  As soon as I connect the second or third scale the most recently connected scale starts flashing back and forth between where the scale is and 405-409.  I can disconnect all but one scale and I'm OK second scale the flashing starts again.  The reading on the scale doesn't fluctuate.  Seems like if I get away from zero on the scale then its not as bad.  Also seems like if I power the board up with the scales attached its not as bad.

The scales I'm using are the inexpensive Chinese caliper type scales.  I tried the first board with the OEM connector but its pretty much junk.  The second board I bought good quality USB cables, cut them and soldered them straight to the scale.  Second board is better but still flashes between scale position and usually 409.  Tried enabling the averaging function but it still flashes between actual and 409 just shows the numbers in between.

Thanks for any feedback!

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