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A hello and pre-order questions (I'm ready)
(08-21-2017, 06:21 PM)jhinze Wrote: Hi y'all. Been snooping here and reading up for some time now in prep to outfit my Grizzly G0768 lathe with DRO.

First, thank you Yuri for your work on this. I'm a huge proponent of openSource and DIY. I don't want to spend more on a DRO system than my lathe is worth Smile

So I'm going with iGaging scales. I'm debating between the aluminum and Stainless. I thought I saw a post where Yuri said once mounted, is no appreciable difference in accuracy? I don't mind spending the extra for stainless if it buys me stability, noise reduction, or any other positive.

I'm going to get the the board with Micro B's and either the aluminum or stainless from Amazon depending on feedback here.

Tablet -- going to go to Costco and see what's available cheap and big Smile

thanks guys and HI Smile

Dallas, Tx

In my [humble] opinion the difference in accuracy/repeatably/durability between stainless and aluminum frames is pretty negligible. Both are 10-micron scales with the same encoder PCB. What ever marginal benefit you get from lower thermal expansion is not worth 2x the price. If you look at the cost of Absolute DRO or AccuRemote scales, you aren't that far off a cheap Chinese glass scale setup.


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