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Mixed Scale Kit BT Module
(08-08-2017, 09:50 PM)dnaman Wrote: I tried to post a comment under the "How to Build the Mixed Scale Digital Readout Kit" but couldn't seem to get it to take.

The text of that comment is as follows:

Yuri, re the Bluetooth Module.

Is there any reason I couldn't bend the leads at right angles as you did, but bend them the other way such that the BT module sits *under* the PCB (with some gap)?

This would have the advantage of staying within the PCB profile at a small cost in height. If the PCB were mounted on stand-offs, the BT module could sit in the gap.

Perhaps it could be answered here?

As long as you make the right connections (Vcc to Vcc, Ground to Ground, etc.) you can mount it either way.

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