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Radius interpolation
Yet another YouTube-inspired suggestion!

Watching the latest An Engineer's Findings video, he mentions that his DRO has a radius interpolation function, which allows him to mill a radius on a part, using XY coordinates. I feel like this could be a useful function to incorporate into TouchDRO.

Not only for milling machines, either. I remember watching a video by That Lazy Machinist, where he machines a half-dome on the lathe using a round-nosed tool, and XZ coordinates.

In either case, you'd need to know the center point of the radius, the radius length itself, and the radius of the cutting tool. The user could also set the number of desired coordinates, depending on how precise the radius needs to be, or how much finish work they want to do.

This kind of function would almost negate the need for a rotary table when milling radii, or of a special ball-turning tool on the lathe.
YouTube: FnA-Wright Engineering

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