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ESP32 schematic help
(02-01-2024, 08:33 AM)Greolt Wrote: Thanks for the reply Dave.

I am making progress and have two different ESP32 boards.  One with 30 pins and another with 38 pins.  Both have flashed the firmware successfully.  Used the "flash download tool". 
Couldn't make head or tail of the "ESP-IDF development framework"

Now trying to get one glass scale hooked up to the bread board to confirm all is well.

Only looking to provide for three axis so I should get away with only one SN74HC14N chip.

Need to work out if the USB can provide enough power for scales and everything or it needs a 5v regulator circuit built into the PCB.

All hard work for an old retired carpenter's brain.  Smile

I am using mine to run 3 glass scales. I am powering from a standard 2.1A USB phone adapter but not direct into the ESP32 board connector. I feed through a veroboard mounted USB socket to a 5v Vcc strip, which then feeds the ESP32 and the scales separately. It works fine.
Phone chargers are actually well regulated 5v supplies. Just make sure they have a good current rating (less than 1A probably won't be up to the job)

Flashing the board was OK, but the first couple of boards would not reliably boot up the bluetooth connection. Sometimes it would work but other times not (I did start a thread on this forum but no one provided any thoughts).
The board I am using flashed exactly the same but works every time.


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