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QR Code tool library
(12-10-2023, 03:08 AM)MidniteMachinist Wrote: The main issue I see is printing and applying the QR codes to the tools... Though I suppose this would be on the end user to accomplish.

My intention would be to print it on regular printer paper, and stick it to my TTS milling tool holders (or Aloris-style lathe tool holders) with double-sided tape, then overlaid with packing tape. However... I usually machine dry, or with minimal lubrication, manually applied at the business end of the tool. Those who use flood or mist coolant might have more difficulty, though I'm sure there are better options than tape.

Regardless, I'm stoked that you dig the idea!

label print onto heat shrink ??  The stuff ive used is almost everything proof in the engine room....
but, yes, awesome idea cos i cant remember where i put my vernier down 2 minutes ago!

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