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Big problem
(11-15-2023, 02:41 PM)Terry1956 Wrote: Hi, well I can’t say that I am a happy bunny. When I connected the power cable to the touchdro usb port I only had intermittent power. I am no electrician, but it looks like the female usb port was not soldered correctly and the port is moving and not making a solid connection to the board. I have contacted yuriy, but there is not a lot of interest in trying to help me sort this problem out. So at the moment I have a totally useless board. 
May I ask anyone with knowledge of how this usb port is soldered, and the best way to remake the connections I would be very grateful.

I'm sorry, but I don't have full time support staff (just me) and some times I can't reply to emails the same day (it's been 1.5 days since your last email, and it's 7:23 in the morning here at the moment). 
From the photos you sent it's hard to say what is going on (they are low resolution and grainy). You are welcome to send the board back, and I will repair or replace it. 


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