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SIEG DRO magnetic scales and readheads

I've been weighing-up a number of options for a 2-axis magnetic scale DRO system for my small-ish milling machine - one of the requirements is that the scales and readheads have a smaller cross-section profile to fit in the available space.

I recently noticed that SIEG are selling magnetic DRO scales in 2 types (type A and type B)and magnetic read heads at an attractive price and would like to find out how these rate compared to the higher quality and more expensive magnetic scale options from other manufacturers.

Specifications for this system given by the supplier are:  Accuracy: 0.005mm / Resolution: 0.005mm / Measurement Speed: 10m/s  and operating temperature: -5 to 50 degrees C.

Does anyone have experience of the SIEG system that they can comment on?

Swarfman Smile
[size=1]Measurement speed: 10m/s[/size]
[size=1]Operating Temperature: -5° to 50℃[/size]

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SIEG DRO magnetic scales and readheads - by swarfman - 07-09-2023, 08:58 PM

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