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V3init bug-Radius Comp or Lathe R/D bleedthru?
For Q1: I think the Radius Comp Dialog observation is a red herring. The Machine Type is introducing the effect.
But yes, I observed as I wrote for h). But forget my very first post for now... can look only at Machine Type scenario...

For Q2: I was always in type Vmill until my previous post. I simply went to the General Settings, toggled to Lathe, back to
main view, saw "Dia" mode button set. Cleared that to "Rad", toggled back to Vertical Mill type, then mill X is fine (not 2x).

Repeat these steps again: set to Dia mode, return to Vmill, and mill X will exhibit 2x. I don't have a second "configuration," just have one Vert. Mill.
Maybe just doing the Dia/Rad button switching will reproduce the effect for you (? hope).

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RE: V3init bug-Radius Comp or Lathe R/D bleedthru? - by abeabe - 05-24-2023, 01:24 AM

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