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Is it possible to wire in a shahe scale in a glass DRO kit?
(09-29-2022, 05:04 AM)Pyrex Wrote: Now to preface I ended up using ditron magnetic scales for my x and y, those have worked great once I got all the EMI noise cleaned up from my VFD.  My mill has a shahe z axis on my quill, and I was planning on making another mag scale for the z, but I wondered if maybe I could wire in the shahe scale since I don't really need the refresh rate or accuracy on my quill.  Is this possible?  I searched the forum but couldn't seem to find any other questions that answered this question. I may have missed it.

So I've stumbled onto an answer to this question...  unfortunately, after I purchased the TouchDRO board for Magnetic/Optical scales.
It turns out that the TouchDRO board for Shahe and iGaging scales also supports quadrature (magnetic/optical) input with some caveats (i.e. level translation required for iGaging board, not for Shahe board, and lower 10Hz refresh rate on both boards.  The board for mag/opto scales updates at 25Hz).
More info here...

There's a lot of info here on Yuri's site and on the TouchDRO purchase site spread over a very long period of time and it's tough to sift through it all.  Good info, just challenging to dig through. 
I didn't initially think about mixing scale types, so I didn't look at the other TouchDRO boards.  After I got the optical scales that came on my mill hooked up, I thought it would be nice to tie in the quill readout, which tend to be the much more compact capacitive scales.

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