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Multiple machines - Powelly999 - 11-01-2021

Hi all
Newbie question here! Is it possible to run more than one TouchDRO adaptor with the App? I maybe wanting to run it on a Lathe and then connect to another unit mounted on a Mill. So it would be two Bluetooth devices connecting to the Android device, not at the same time but switching between the two. I’m trying to see if I can get away with only using one display for both lathe and mill while using them at different times.

Many thanks

RE: Multiple machines - llamatrails - 11-07-2021

Yep, that is what I have set up, a mill and a lathe with only one tablet.

Go to Settings, Preference Bank. Then, after selecting one from A to F, go to Preference Bank Name and give the selected bank a name.

From then on, each Bank will have its' one name and settings.

RE: Multiple machines - Powelly999 - 11-07-2021

Brilliant, thank you very much llamatrails. I was hoping it could be done.