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Optimum MR000 Read Heads - stefan333 - 03-21-2021


i have an Optimum DRO5 on the Mill, the system works flawless but i wanted the additional Features of TouchDRO.

The Optimum MR000 Readhed has following Pinout


I have bought some Mini DIN 6-Pin Sockets and soldered Jumper Wires on the Pins and connect it to Touch DRO.

Old Tablet connects whitout Problems with TouchDRO but when moving the Mill nothing happens.

Not even something weird on the display, it is like frozen at 0,00 on every axis....Sad

Any Hint for troubleshooting?


RE: Optimum MR000 Read Heads - Yuriy - 03-21-2021

Please include the information about your adapter. It's really hard to help without knowing what adapter/firmware you are using and how you connected the scales.
Thank you

RE: Optimum MR000 Read Heads - stefan333 - 03-21-2021


ah, i know i have forgot something...*g

It is a Wireless DRO Adapter for Glass and Magnetic Scales V2, ordered last month.
Firmware i do not know, but there is a manual scribed 1.0 on the Adapter.


RE: Optimum MR000 Read Heads - Yuriy - 03-22-2021

OK, that helps Smile
Try connecting just Vcc, A, B, and Ground to one of the inputs. It's very likely a wiring issue.
This might be helpful in verifying the pinout:

RE: Optimum MR000 Read Heads - stefan333 - 03-22-2021


Connected Pin1 (+5v) to 5v on TouchDRO
                  Pin 2 (A+) to A on TouchDRO
                  Pin 4 (B+) to B on TouchDRO
                  Pin 6 (0v) to 0v on Touch DRO

No sign of Life when moving axis...Sad

To exclude soldering issues i connected "on the fly" with the original wires, also nothing happens on the Tablet.

The DRO5 on the Lathe has CSA200 Readheads, just tried it there, but sadly same outcome.


RE: Optimum MR000 Read Heads - Yuriy - 03-22-2021

Do you have blinking LED on the board?

RE: Optimum MR000 Read Heads - stefan333 - 03-23-2021

Yes, green LED is on, blue is blinking.

Found a thread here where Optimum Read Heads also not working:

Looks like i have won the lottery...:-(

Maybe a warning notice in the shop to prevent other Optimum owners from this trouble....


RE: Optimum MR000 Read Heads - Yuriy - 03-24-2021

I can't find much documentation on Optimum MR000, but they look like quadrature scales.
There are a few possibilities:
1. The 5V rail on the board is not supplying power. You can check that using a simple multimeter. There is no on-board regulator for 5V, since it's provided by the USP power supply. You should be getting pretty close to 5V spot-on when measuring across Vcc and ground pins on the scale connector.
2. Your wiring diagram is wrong. When the scale is powered, you should be able to measure 5V and 0V on each of the lines by moving the scale a bit (so it stops in the "low" and "high" states of the particular line). The page I posted earlier covers this in more detail.
3. The scales need discrete pull-up or pull-dow resistors. The on-board receivers have internal weak piull up and down resistors, but if these scales have some sort of funky circuit, they might need a 5KOhm resistor. This would be my "option of last resort", though.

It's unlikely to be a board issue since X/Y and Z/W are wired through separate differential reivers and even if one got fried somehow, you'd be getting some reading from the other. You are getting Blue LED, so the main controller is working and getting power.
Also, did you verify that you are getting any sort of data over BlueToth (using BlueTerm or a similar BlueTooth terminal app)?


RE: Optimum MR000 Read Heads - stefan333 - 03-25-2021


-i do not think that touchDRO has a problem or fault...
-plus 5v reads 4,88v with DMM
-checked soldered adapter of continuity, all wires beep
-i am a mechanic, electronic maybe some sort of magic for me....Wink

I have tried to replicate the setup from the "How to find..." page:


Red wire on +5v, black wire on Ground, (corresponding to the Optimum Dokumentation from
first Post) to pin 1 and 6 of the socket.

When moving the axis the voltage on *all* four other wires  moves between 2,38v and 2,43v.
Up, down, up, down and so on as i move over the magnetic scale.


RE: Optimum MR000 Read Heads - stefan333 - 03-29-2021

Well, ok.

Before i discard the TouchDRO, any known working Magnet-Readheads?