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Sleep Mode - Robert Turner - 02-03-2021

Does the module have a sleep mode.  There is no on/off switch.  Do I leave it plugged in and running with my screen turned off.  I recently left mine plugged in for a couple of months with no use.  When I tried to get it to come back on I could not get it to connect.  After fooling with it for awhile it finally connected.  Then the scales would not scroll.  More fooling then they finally connected, and I was up and running.  If it has a sleep mode, when does it go to sleep and how do you wake it up.   Should I leave it plugged in when I am  not going to use it?

Thanks, Bob

RE: Sleep Mode - Yuriy - 02-03-2021

There is no separate sleep mode. The processor runs in low power mode most of the time, and wakes up only when there is scale data to be sent. I desidned these to be left plugged in 24/7. If you're not going to use the DRO for a long time, you can always unplug it from the power.
I'm not sure why it would require "fooling" to reconnect, though. I leave mine plugged in for years (literally) and never had any issues, so there could be something suspicious going on with your unit.