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Lathe X-axis absolute dimension issues - MidniteMachinist - 12-20-2020

I work with the DRO set to "Diameter" mode on my lathe. However, when I try to set an absolute dimension for the X-axis, the app thinks I'm in "Radius" mode, and the readout displays double what I entered. For example, if I enter 1.000 and check the "set Absolute Dimension" box, the readout will display 2.000.

Something similar happens if I try and use tool offsets. If I set a zero using a tool, when I switch to another tool in the library, the dimension displayed on the DRO assumes radius mode. For example, I set the X dimension to 0.200 using tool #1. When I switch to tool #2, which has a 0.050 offset, the DRO displays 0.100, rather than 0.150.