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New scales for my MSP430 basic DRO - ThLDQ - 08-27-2020

I use a MSP430 Launchpad basic DRO with old Shahe scales.
One of them has decided to retire definitively from service.
I'd like to be sure that my board will recognize this scale :,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
Do you think it would be better to change all the scales for better quality scales (Igaging ???), and change my board too (for the TouchDRO DIY DRO Kit) ???

RE: New scales for my MSP430 basic DRO - Yuriy - 08-27-2020

These look very similar to the new Shahe scales but the display is slightly different. I suspect they are the same but I haven't tested this particular model (they appear to be 5403-150F; old ones were -150 and -150A).
iGaging scales are not "higher quality", just a bit different. They are faster reading but have an interpolation issue (last digit can flicker if the scale stop between the "ticks").
If your Launchpad adapter is build well and works, there is no reason to replace it. New firmware is available in the downloads section; you might need to change the wiring, depending on what version of the firmware you are currently using.
Thank you

RE: New scales for my MSP430 basic DRO - ThLDQ - 08-29-2020

Hi Yuriy.
Thanks for your answer.
I will go on with my Launchpad which worls well, update it, and forget the Igaging scales.
It's not easy to find a 300 or a 300A shahe scale : there are lots of 300F or scales without model number.
I've just found this one :
It seems to be good ?
Your advice will be much apreciated.