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Tool library editing - MidniteMachinist - 05-01-2020

I've got several tools saved in the TouchDRO app on my lathe. If I need to edit one of them, the edit function doesn't work correctly. The values I enter are either not saved, saved as all zeroes, saved with the decimal point 5 or more places off, or saved with some number that's wildly different from what I entered. So far, my method to combat this has been to just delete the tool and add it anew, but then it's not the same tool number.

So...If I edit, say, tool #2, the offset values get all wonky. So I delete it, and re-add it with the proper offsets. But now it's at the bottom of the tool list, with whatever number is next after the last tool. So if I want the tool labeled "#2" to be in the #2 slot, I've got to delete every single tool on the list, and re-add them in order. This isn't a big deal with 2-3 tools, but I've got more than a dozen tool holders, all with different offsets. It's a real pain to have to re-add them all every single time I extend/retract a boring bar to suit a job.

RE: Tool library editing - Yuriy - 05-01-2020

I'm able to reproduce this, so this is definitely a bug. I added it to my list of things to fix/test in the next release.
Thank you

RE: Tool library editing - MidniteMachinist - 05-01-2020

Awesome. Thanks, Yuriy.