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VFD speed control - MisterJG - 04-18-2020

For those of use that are using Variable Frequency Drives on their equipment it would be a nice feature to be able to control motor/spindle speed via the touch screen vs the need to use a potentiometer. I realize this will require an upgrade to the PCB or a secondary hardware module.

RE: VFD speed control - Yuriy - 04-18-2020

Unfortunately, I am not planning to make TouchDRO control anything for a lot of different reasons.
Besides the fact that this will require a TON of rework of the application and the firmware, I just don't want to deal with the liability of something going seriously wrong.

RE: VFD speed control - kommando - 06-22-2020

I added an external control box to my VFD and it sits next to the tablet. It was specific to the brand but most VFD's can be controlled remotely.

[Image: files?p_Doc_Ref=VW3A1101_DA19&p_File_Typ...n_1500_jpg]