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Arduino with touch screen - ThLDQ - 02-11-2020

Is there a way to build an Arduino board connected to a touch screen (no bluetooth, or wifi).

RE: Arduino with touch screen - Yuriy - 02-11-2020

Yes. TouchDRO supports FTDI breakout boards and the USB controller that comes on Arduino Uno but unless you REALLY need USB, I would stick with BlueTooth. Also, Arduino sketch supports only iGaging 21-bit scales, and has some serious stability issues doing that.

RE: Arduino with touch screen - ThLDQ - 02-17-2020

Thank you Yuriy.
I'll stick with bluetooth.
You were working on pocket milling some time ago.
Have you succeeded ?
By teh way, I had posted about importing workspace, but nobody ever replied.
Is it possible to import workspace ?