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0.5uM scales do work! - sparkness - 10-16-2019

0.5uM scales do work!  I ordered Sino Brand KA-500 and KA-300 1.0uM glass scales from a seller on ebay and what I received was 0.5um resolution scales. While testing I realized that The correct count was 50800. Yes that is correct 50800/inch. TouchDRO does display correctly with no jitter in .0001 digit. But it looks like you must keep the speed down so TouchDRO can count. My question is what is the highest frequency that TouchDRO should be reliably used?

RE: 0.5uM scales do work! - Yuriy - 10-17-2019

I don't have my test file anymore (the PC that I used for development and testing crashed a few years ago). If I recall, I tested up to about 100Kz per axis. Do you find that the adapter is loosing steps?
Also, WOW! I didn't realize scales went below 1 micron.
I don't know what the timing of this will be, but I'm redoing the quadrature firmware to incorporate the changes I made to the iGaging firmware. It will increase responsiveness since I streamlined a lot of fo stuff there.
Thank you

RE: 0.5uM scales do work! - sparkness - 10-18-2019

I am currently mounting the scales , they were skipping steps when I was operating in hand. I have the X scale mounted and it does not skip  when I crank the dial fairly quick approx 120 rpm  (15"/min). Ok at 100 Khz that should be 118" / min. Should have the Z axis  scale complete by monday and I will post my results.

RE: 0.5uM scales do work! - sparkness - 10-21-2019

Installed my z axis, and my nexus7 was locked up and had to reinstall After reinstall I had to set cpi to 25400 to work correct when it was working correct at 50800, I dont know what happened I tested it on my phone and it too  set to 25400 , which indicates that my scales are 1.0 micron and not 0.5. Anyway on the Z axis I can get missed steps if I crank the hand wheel at 160 rpm (91"/min ) my carriage moves .57" per rev. Cranking at 120rpm (2 revs/sec) it does not skip. I can live with that