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Changing axis order in main display? - MidniteMachinist - 01-11-2019

Is it possible to change the order the axes are shown in the main display? Rather than X, Y, Z... I'd like to have it be X, Z, Y.

I have 3 scales on my lathe: Saddle, cross slide, and one on my tailstock. If I connect them to the ports labeled for the correct axes, I get the saddle on Z, cross slide on X, and the tailstock on the only one left, which is Y. This leaves me with this on the display:

X: 00.000
Tail: 00.000
Z: 00.000

I want the tailstock displayed on the bottom, so I originally swapped the saddle and tailstock connections, and just renamed the axes (Y to Z, Z to Tail) to get this:

X: 00.000
Z: 00. 000
Tail: 00.000

However, I've started setting up tool offsets, and now I've got a problem... The X-offset is fine, but the Z-offset is associated with the tailstock, rather than the carriage position.

I realize that I can simply swap the Z and Y axes back to the proper connections, but I don't like that the axes are out of order. Any help would be greatly appreciated.