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power supply - smithted - 02-26-2018

hi all waiting now for my new board to come [adapter board with micro -b connectors] what power supply can I use please help so I can get my self ready thank ted smith
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RE: power supply - Briney Eye - 02-26-2018

This is what Yuriy says:

"*The boards use standard round 5x2.1mm power jacks (same as Arduino UNO, etc.). Any power supply in the range between 7V and 15V that provides at least 200 mA will work. I recommend finding an "old style" heavy wall wart (rather than a switching power supply), since they provide mains isolation."

I have a whole box full of old wall warts. My Mixed Scale board was a little finicky, particularly with maintaining the Bluetooth connection, and I had to try several before I found one that made it happy. It was an "old" heavy transformer type. Then I had to add supply decoupling capacitors inside the scale read heads to solve a jumpiness issue there.

RE: power supply - gjkozy - 09-27-2019

Reading this because I am missing the power supply for a mill I just purchased, I got the voltage from the post, my question is, is the tip positive or negative?

RE: power supply - Briney Eye - 09-28-2019

Normally the center contact is positive.