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DIY board build - kommando - 02-10-2018

I am following this for my DIY board build

The part list has optional capacitors

0.1 uF ceramic capacitor 3 Radio Shack

1000 uF or larger electrolytic capacitor*1Radio Shack

I can see where the 3 0.1 uF capacitors go on the voltage shifter board but cannot see where the 1000 uF one goes. I have a mill with 2 VFD's and 2 motors so planning to need all the interference help from the start.


Reading more I can see it goes on the 5v side and as I will be using glass scales then I do need it, but where ?

Quote:* This is needed only for the 5V rail; if you don’t plan to use this with glass scales, it can be skipped