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Heidenhain MT2500 TTL - Swag - 02-02-2018


I’m looking for an inexpensive interface for a few MT1271 length gages. These have an RS-422 TTL 5v Output (not the sinusoidal output) as far as I’m able to tell, and a resolution of 0.2μ.

Here on page 7 is an interface description:

I was looking at a MAX14890, but like the idea of Yuriy’s already finished design (less work for me  Big Grin)

Would the Quadrature Board be capable of reading these? 

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RE: Heidenhain MT2500 TTL - Briney Eye - 02-02-2018

Yuriy says he uses 5 micron scales and implies that he's tested 1 micron scales. He'll probably answer you shortly, but I think the only potential issue with a 0.2um scale would be whether the MSP430 could keep up. If you're moving at Heidenhain's 500mm/sec maximum traversing speed for the MT1271 then you're looking at a 2.5Mhz signal. I think that would be your limiting factor.