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New member - terryb - 12-30-2017

Hi to all,
I'm Terry, and live in Brittany, FRANCE.
I've ordered the capacitive scales kit, as my second first being digital calipers fixed to the lathe.
I have a 1949 myford ML7 to which this will be connected, and a small Hobby mill which may be retro fitted later.
My main uses are astronomical parts, and live steam locos.
Wishing one and all a happy new year for 2018.

RE: New member - smithted - 12-31-2017

hi terry welcome I to my into live steam and want to fit touchdro good luck ted smith Ps pic of my loc

RE: New member - Georges GUAL - 01-06-2018

Salut Terryb,
Moi je suis en Bourgogne.
Meilleurs voeux à toi aussi...