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BW Electronics Sensors - kengw - 08-12-2016

Been researching the most unobtrusive scales to fit to my Myford.
This site makes a draw wire encoder
The sensors will
  • Sensors provide a continuous position output as a serial data stream which, with suitable buffering, can go to an RS232 serial port.
  • Sensors can be fully remotely controlled via a bi-directional serial link connected to a display or a PC.
Would these work with Touch DRO?

RE: BW Electronics Sensors - Jac77 - 12-12-2020


TouchDRO works fine on my Myford ML7R lathe, using wire encoders.

Sorry in Dutch.
I presented an English text to Model Engineer's Workshop Magazine, but they didn't publish it.
I do not know why.


RE: BW Electronics Sensors - Jac77 - 12-15-2020


Today, Model Engineers' Workshop magazine finally told me that they will publish my articles in an English translation. However, due to a long queue of contributions, they will only appear in autumn 2021!


RE: BW Electronics Sensors - Jac77 - 08-04-2021


Finally, Model Engineers' Workshop Magazine (Nr 305 July 2021), editor MyTimeMedia Ltd. published my contribution in an English translation. That is earlier than announced.

Title: "A digital Readout for a Myford Series 7 Lathe, Jacques Van Damme uses wire encoders instead of digital scales".
5 pages long, it explains how TouchDRO is used in combination with wire encoders on my Myford ML7R lathe. Works wireless using bluetooth, readout is visible on a tablet or smartphone.



RE: BW Electronics Sensors - kennedystewart - 08-10-2021

Well done with this article!