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Lathe X-axis incorrect reading - flux - 01-29-2024

I've recently converted my lathe to TouchDRO.
After callibarting my X axis and checking my cross-slide travel against an indictor I'm confused about radius and diameter modes.
Irrespective of the DRO, movement of my cross-slide is 1:1 the radius change I will see when I make a cut.  But on my DRO X readout in radius mode I get 1/2 of distance traveled by my cross-slide, as measured with an indicator.  In diameter mode, I get twice that reading, and so exactly the travel of my cross-slide, which will of course remove twice the indicated value from the turned diameter.
Am I calibrating incorrectly?  I'm setting a 123 block on my cross slide against my toolpost, moving the cross slide until the indicator says "0", then removing the block, traversing the 3" of its length, until the toolpost registers at zero on the indicator.  I get a report of 5076 marks per inch, which is in the ballpark for my 5um magnetic scales.
Or am I thoroughly misunderstanding radius vs diameter mode?

RE: Lathe X-axis incorrect reading - MidniteMachinist - 01-30-2024

Sounds like you calibrated in Diameter mode.

RE: Lathe X-axis incorrect reading - flux - 01-30-2024

(01-30-2024, 12:32 AM)MidniteMachinist Wrote: Sounds like you calibrated in Diameter mode.

I just went out, switched to radius, and recalibrated.  Yes, it's now correct.

I'm very surprised to see that setting affect calibration, *as well* as not having it called out in the calibration dialog.