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Scale adapter and CPI setting - A2pen - 09-10-2023

I have a HiTorque mini mill with DRO installed by LMS 4 yers ago. Several weeks ago I began receiving a scale adapter connection error.  I switched to a different updated Android tablet  and installed TouchDRO. I continue seeing the same error prompt at Touch DRPO startup. The scale readers are connected with bright green lights. I was able to pair the vertical mill with the tablet but no luck with the scale adaptor connection issue.

How can I resolve this issue with the scale adapter connection?

I also need to change the value for Axis CPI to 5080.00. The TouchDRO menu settings are Workspace, Configuration, Tool Library and Settings. Which setting sub menu  do I select to change the CPI value?


• What do I need to check or configure to reconnect ;to the scale adapter?

RE: Scale adapter and CPI setting - MidniteMachinist - 09-11-2023

Settings > (X, Y, or Z) Axis Settings > Resolution > enter your CPI.