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Trouble downloading V3 App - Romeo - 08-29-2023

When I search for TouchDRO  in the Google Play Store, both TouchDRO and TouchDRO V3 appear in the list. When I select V3, it comes back with the older version and the only option it gives me is “Open”. And of course that button takes me straight into my existing app.  When I tap on the TouchDRO icon that appears, it goes straight to a “Something went wrong. Try Again” screen.
I am on Android 8.1 on a Lenovo tablet. 
I confess I am by no means a power Android user. I guess I am doing something trivially wrong.
Any helpful suggestions? 

RE: Trouble downloading V3 App - Romeo - 09-03-2023

So I mindlessly went ahead pressing every link I could find - lots of third party .apk sites that came up on a deeper google search. After a couple that came up with “site not found”, one that told me it was installing V2.5.10 anyway despite claiming 3.23.06, I finally hit on one that told me it had downloaded V3.23.06 successfully. Then I needed an apk installer, apparently, but finally - success! A nice, clean update, all settings saved from previous version, very professional. Well done, Yuri.
Not so well done, Android/Google Playstore/etc…