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Change ESP32 Bluetooth name? - Andy B - 08-15-2023

Firstly, thanks to Yiriy for developing such a great product and all the support pages too.

I've built 2 DIY ESP32 adaptors and plan to build 2 more - have successfully flashed the devices and got them working but I'm a newbie to C, python, etc.

I'm using various devices to detect and test the adaptors through the various stages of build - 2 different Android phones, laptop, etc.

The adaptors all appear as bluetooth 'TouchDRO' when connected - so no idea which is which. I know I can change this inside the TouchDRO app to give them different name tags, but is it possible to change the names on each adaptor, so that they connect as, say, 'TouchDRO1', 'TouchDRO2', etc, or 'DRO_Lathe', 'DRO_Mill1', etc.?

I've done a search online for changing the Bluetooth name, and find this kind of info -  - but I don't know if that is compatible with how the naming is done in the TouchDRO code.

Any help much appreciated.