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DIY DRO Adapter + AS5311 - Traktorist3d - 01-17-2023

Hello. I'm new here and I'm in the DRO too. I have several AS5311 ICs. I would like to make my own DRO based on DIY DRO Adapter.

I understand correctly that it will be enough for me to draw and make a board according to the scheme such

I want to use the encoder from here, the diagram and the board in the screenshot.

It turns out that ESP32 WROOM Dev takes over the role of data processing controller?
I understand correctly that I brought everything that is needed for manufacturing. And this controller will receive a quadratic signal from AS5311? By the way, can someone have gerbera controller boards under the order? Or just draw yourself or order a DIY kit from the site...

RE: DIY DRO Adapter + AS5311 - Traktorist3d - 01-21-2023

Really nobody implemented the given topology of system? Please tell me if AS5311c DIY DRO Adapter will work

RE: DIY DRO Adapter + AS5311 - Traktorist3d - 01-23-2023

It turns out that for power supply it is enough to supply the ESP32 module via micro USB 5 Volts, and the ESP32, in turn, will power the entire board? I just did not see other power connectors.