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  Backup/Restore settings and tool library
Posted by: IVoidWarranties - 04-15-2024, 09:29 PM - Forum: TouchDRO App Help - No Replies

Is there a way to backup and restore the tool library and machine settings? I like trying out different hardware from time to time and it's tedius manually entering settings on a new tablet. Additionally, I have a bazillion end mills with different diameters and flute counts, and I primarily use the tool library for the feed per tooth calculations, it would be nice to import the whole tool library. This also helps future proof from when a tablet takes a bullet or something. I've resorted to taking screenshots of the interface but this is less than ideal. Am I missing something?

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  21-bit protocol scales..
Posted by: uhmgawa - 04-13-2024, 01:56 PM - Forum: General Help and Support - No Replies

Anyone know if scales using the 21-bit externally clocked protocol are still available?  I purchased two of these over a decade ago (iGaging) which I'm now trying to put into service on a mill.  Regrettably I didn't buy a 3rd for the Z axis at the time but recently purchased  one which I thought would be the same protocol.  However it is a SHAHE and self clocked BIN6 data format.  I don't see any advantage for the latter and actually prefer the faster update, synchronous data read of the 21-bit format particularly as multiple scales can be read in parallel using the same clock.

But after winding up with the SHAHE BIN6 scale I'd appreciate any illumination of whether the 21-bit scales are still being manufactured and where I might find them.


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  iGaging scale experimentation, et. al..
Posted by: uhmgawa - 04-11-2024, 12:47 AM - Forum: General Help and Support - No Replies

[tried to post this as a follow up to the iGaging improvement discussion but wasn't able]

I've used the information here to experiment with extracting scale data in developing a custom DRO readout.  I thought to feed some info back should it be useful to others.

I've had a set of the original iGaging scales collecting dust for over a decade and figured it was time to put them to use or toss them for something better.  In the process of experimenting I found a considerable amount of last bit bobble could be reduced and nearly suppressed by assuring the 3V0 power rail at the scale's COB die was clean as possible.  At first without much thought I'd dropped 5v -> 3V with a small switching module I had handy which was a thoroughly bad idea for several reasons.  One is the inherent noise in the switcher and worse under the light load of the scale A/D (which in my measurement peaks at a whopping 16uA) the switcher is in skip-cycle mode making the rail ripple/noise far worse.

I do see a ceramic cap in on the scale PCB (silkscreen C1) on a trace meandering out from the COB blob which has about 1.3V on it and I'd hazard is a supply bypass for the A/D.  But nowhere else do I see any supply decoupling on the board.  The VDD trace runs right by C1 on its way to the COB blob and at first I thought it was a VDD bypass until I buzzed it out.  Anyway C1 connects to the large adjacent GND plane so I removed enough soldermask next to it from the GND plane and VDD trace to accept reflow of a 1206 22uF ceramic cap.  Afterwards that LSB bobble was just about gone.
In my observation the OEM iGaging LCD readout doesn't reflect any residual bobble seen in the data stream when I clock it out so either it is averaging the data and/or applying hysteresis to the value or things will improve when I finally get a linear 3V0 LDO put in use.

I haven't cut into the mini usb cabling to discover what level of engineering lies there but I don't expect much.  It appears shielded 4-wire cable with silicone jacket is now available from Aliexpress, etc.. so that's likely what I'll substitute.  You can pick up the increasingly scarce mini usb male connectors there as well.  I've in the past constructed high-flex custom cables using thin wall silicone tubing and standard silicone insulated fine strand wire.  In a pinch you could do the same here, adding a bare stranded drain wire and  length of aluminum foil spiral shield wrap scavenged from elsewhere, pulling that business through a silicone tubing jacket.   I don't see a compelling motivation to solder a cable directly to the board as you're already stuck with a larger sensor case to accommodate that getup.  And admittedly swapping a damaged cable is much less involved with the mini usb connector.

Not sure I'd invest more effort attempting further improvement however given the available real estate one could envision a small pcb with point-of-use LDO VDD regulator, clock input termination/hysteresis, and stiffer data out drive -- all of which would easily fit in a 1cm^2 board or perhaps a bit more if you'd want it to add a JST or 100mil connector to obsolete the mini usb.

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Photo DIY probe for ESP32
Posted by: Russell - 04-09-2024, 10:25 AM - Forum: DIY Controller Builds, etc. - Replies (1)

I've just built my second Touch DRO for a new mill.  I'm really impressed with it and with the software.  Thank you Yuriy.


Cable management is in progress Big Grin

I've been wondering about the edge finder / probe function and I wondered whether anyone had come up with an inexpensive probe that worked with Touch DRO.

There are probes made for the purpose but these are more than I am prepared to pay at the moment.  I have wondered about some way of using or modifying the cheap (£10ish) probes that light up on contact.  I also like the idea of measuring resistance change so you can use a tool to probe the z-axis.

Does anyone have any bright ideas or experience.


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  Touch probe
Posted by: Bama - 04-08-2024, 04:23 PM - Forum: TouchDRO App Help - Replies (1)

I have a dro with 4 axis on a Bridgeport. I got a touch probe from eBay. It seems to be working backwards. When the switches break the leds go from green to red. Then turning the other direction when the switches make. It sends a signal to the dro. This might be the way it works I am not sure. 

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  the Ray-Ban Clubmaster emerges
Posted by: geraldine221 - 04-08-2024, 06:13 AM - Forum: DIY Controller Builds, etc. - Replies (8)

Delving into the history of eyewear ray ban clubmaster, the Ray-Ban Clubmaster emerges as a significant player, resonating with a sense of nostalgia and timeless elegance. With its origins rooted in the 1950s, the Clubmaster has undergone various iterations, each preserving the classic appeal that makes it a perennial favorite. The distinguishing feature of the Ray-Ban Clubmaster lies in its unique frame design, which skillfully combines metal and acetate for a look that is both retro and sleek. This model has not only withstood the test of time but has also adapted to contemporary fashion sensibilities, appealing to a broad audience. Ray-Ban's commitment to quality is reflected in the Clubmaster's craftsmanship, ensuring durability and a comfortable fit. The lens technology, providing superior UV protection, positions the Clubmaster as not just a fashion statement but a practical choice for conscious consumers

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  Cheap Magnetic Heads
Posted by: gsherwin - 03-30-2024, 04:46 PM - Forum: DIY Controller Builds, etc. - No Replies

I want to try and use the read heads from this DRO package...


There are obviously no pinout diagrams or ability to contact the manufacturer.  Anyone have any experience with these sensors or can point me in the right direction to figure out the pins?  The sensors are hard wired to the board with no markings.  There is a shield wire and then 5 smaller gauge wires of various colors.

Thanks in advance!

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Smile DIY build bluetooth problem
Posted by: Steveo - 03-25-2024, 10:08 AM - Forum: DIY Controller Builds, etc. - Replies (3)

Hi, new here, in the UK

I have a self assembly unit on order from TouchDRO, but I know it'll take a little time to get here, then customs etc, so.... as I can't help myself I decided to have a go at a scratch built unit.
Like others I eventually used the download tool (I did get a working ESP32 with the command line tool eventually) but I'm finding that Bluetooth is very unreliable. If I erase and then reflash the unit the Bluetooth connection to my tablet and TouchDRO works fine for hours until I either disconnect the tablet or turn off the power to the ESP32, then the Bluetooth doesn't seem to work any more, non of my android devices can see the Bluetooth connection.
As it's very repeatable I suspect the ESP32 is fine, but it's not quite the same unit as the ones Yuri seems to use, so I suspect it's a slight miss match with the code? I hadn't realised there were so many variations Smile  This one doesn't seem to have the blue and green LED's, or maybe that's the problem?

I've not connected any scales yet as I haven't built the rest of the circuit.

Anyway I have some more coming (from Amazon again) so I'll see what these ones do, if the bluetooth connection works reliably then I'll have a go at making a 2 axis unit, as I'll be using glass scales and only 2 axis it looks like I can omit a few components.


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  DRO font selection
Posted by: Greolt - 03-18-2024, 05:40 AM - Forum: TouchDRO App Help - Replies (2)

Two Samsung tablets with TouchDRO installed.

The first one is an 8" and the DRO font is what I want.  Bright green font.


The second is a 10" and I can not get the DRO font to look the same as the first.


Both are set to "Default system font"

What am I missing?

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  Radius interpolation
Posted by: MidniteMachinist - 03-15-2024, 09:14 PM - Forum: Feature Requests - No Replies

Yet another YouTube-inspired suggestion!

Watching the latest An Engineer's Findings video, he mentions that his DRO has a radius interpolation function, which allows him to mill a radius on a part, using XY coordinates. I feel like this could be a useful function to incorporate into TouchDRO.

Not only for milling machines, either. I remember watching a video by That Lazy Machinist, where he machines a half-dome on the lathe using a round-nosed tool, and XZ coordinates.

In either case, you'd need to know the center point of the radius, the radius length itself, and the radius of the cutting tool. The user could also set the number of desired coordinates, depending on how precise the radius needs to be, or how much finish work they want to do.

This kind of function would almost negate the need for a rotary table when milling radii, or of a special ball-turning tool on the lathe.

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